Ako to manage the castle at your house, go viacej

Make a spevnenú area, masterminds navädzuje Priamo on your kitchen alebo on your living room. To do this, you will need to have terraced Dosky, purchases SA item on the vopred manufactured konštrukciu from the shreded Profilov. The whole Konštrukcia SA is combined with the help of Skrutiek into the underlying Prisov. The underlying prisms SA resistor rozmiestniť in a split 500 mm.
Have a nice moment
In the moment, the Shchad sa will be planted by the last screw and the plan attached already all the terraces of the Dosky, it is necessary to manage a suitable surface treatment, that is to say Drvenik konštrukciu protective terom. We will use Rôzne Moridlá Alebo waxes, purchases of Prirodzenú Štruktúru Dreva, Alebo sa decisively pre-Farbu, masterminds sieve suppressed decoir, but it becomes a distinctive accent of your záhrady.

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