How To Encrypt Yahoo Mail?

Encrypt Yahoo Mail

While Yahoo Mail offers numerous advantageous features to the users to carry out various email tasks, one feature that users might be missing in Yahoo Mail is the option to encrypt emails. Though Yahoo Mail does offer a secure emailing environment, however, some users still wish to prefer encrypting emails. If you are using Yahoo Mail and wish to encrypt emails in Yahoo Mail, there are certain third-party tools that you can install to send encrypted emails from your Yahoo Mail account.

What is Email Encryption?

Email encryption comprises encrypting the content of email messages in order to protect the information from being read by anyone other than the recipient(s). Such email encryption generally involves authentication.

Third-Party Email Encryption Tool for Yahoo Mail

  1. Virtru

Virtru is email security app which encrypts your email before it gets sent to the recipient. It offers excellent security to the emails which allow only you and the recipient to decrypt and read the email. Virtru is so secure that government, third parties, ISPs, advertisers can’t access your email messages. All you need to do is download and install the Virtru extension to your Chrome and Firefox browser.

  1. SecureMyEmail

An email encrypted with SecureMyEmail can only be opened by you and the recipient of your email.  A private decryption key is the only way to read the email and this decryption key is only available on your device and is also protected by a secured passphrase that only you are aware of. In case, a hacker gets access to your Yahoo Mail account, any email protected with SecureMYEmail will be encrypted and will not be accessible unless they get your device, decryption key, SecureMyEmail login, and the secret passphrase.

  1. Signal

Signal is not a browser extension like Virtru that you can install to your browser and start using it. Instead, Signal is basically an encrypted text messaging service that is used with mobile devices. If you wish to have an encrypted conversation, you can rely on Signal email encryption service. Signal automatically deletes emails once they have been read by the recipient.

So, these are some of the email encryption tools that you can make use to encrypt emails in your Yahoo Mail account. Apart from these tools, you can also secure your Yahoo Mail web sessions with SSL. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. In your Yahoo Mail account, click on the Gear icon located in the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu that appears on the screen, you will need to select Mail Options.
  2. Go to the bottom of the General Mail Options and select the box next to “Turn on SSL”.
  3. After selecting the checkbox, you will see a pop-up message notifying that you need to refresh. Simply click on the OK to continue.
  4. Then, click on the orange Save button located at the top of the Options tab and you are done.

And this is how you can easily encrypt emails in your Yahoo Mail and make your Yahoo mail account safe and secure for carrying out various email tasks.

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