Essential requirements of ergonomic

The basis of each office chair is for a) the load capacity and then for b) height adjustment. These are the stepping stones. The load-bearing capacity starts at about 80 kg, as these models are commonly purchased for households, for students to work in their desks and computers. The maximum load capacity on which the selected models are constructed are within 150 kg. Choose more load carrying capacity, a lighter person can sit on a firmer chair, but harder to subtler certainly not! Secondly, we mentioned the height. Every office chair is height-adjustable, but if we have someone bigger on the team, you need to ensure one that suits your range. For especially small figures, we may not find a suitable minimum height. Then it is necessary to acquire such a worker normally sold underfoot pad, so that the angle in the knee joint should be recommended 90 °.
A good dealer must advise you
We will not solve all ergonomic requirements here. Every reputable retailer is well-aware of this issue and will advise you on the most subtle details or requirements.

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