Feel free to lead people

If your supervisor approached you and made you offer a position in senior management, don't panic! Take a deep breath and think that you have been tracked for a few months and perhaps even years more than your other collaborators, as the change in positions has already been prepared in the long-term strategy. But you can't know that, of course. And you were chosen by yourself. Why? If you don't know, just ask. If you are satisfied with the answer, ask further. For example, what exactly will be your job, what is expected of you. What will your powers be? Feel free to forget about your success in this new position.
You won't be alone
The management professionals will be sure to take care of you. Do you fear the most, how do you manage, for example, delegating tasks? Do not worry, in the courses offered by the educational companies, you will learn a lot about the leadership of people. You also get the skills that have been tuffed up in you for a long time, but your supervisor is well pierted. That's why he approached you. He has confidence in you! Take the offer as a tribute and reward for the work you've done so far! You won't be all alone!

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