Jakub was a PhD student at the department of this faculty, so it was a matter of course that he would also be invited to the Psycho-party, which the Department of Psychologi organized every year just before the end of the semester instead of the Christmas pavilion. Jakub was already a few times on this kind of party, and he was very much looking forward to this year. The whole fun began with the fact that some speakers, mostly respected Doceti and professors, climbed onto the podium with some short output, whether it was reading their poetry or some short article, or a whole range of PhD students and Lectors created Short Theatre.
Above the Paradise
Then it was only spoken, Pilo and Skotačilo, and the nearer the dawn, the more the economisation has brided from the latest studies in the field on the topic of how to properly lick, which was the best on the psycho-Veřík.

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