Radio Impuls-Radio all Don

Purely Czech Radio
Have you been tired of all the radio stations that play the current hits all the time? Are you on the nerve of a moderator who can't speak properly and see the messages? Watch Radio Impuls on the Internet and you will meet all the requirements you expect from high-quality broadcasting!
A radio that plays nicely
Radio Impulsit's the best in all respects! In his broadcasts you will find quality and always fresh and true news from politics, culture, abroad, fashion, news from show business, sports and weather. You won't miss them, they start every half hour!
News and News
Radio Impulssamozřejmě brings up-to-date news from regions and tracks events on our roads and highways! Here, every listener will find his favorite show, which is complemented by a lot of songs! You will hear here the hits of the present, favorite songs from Czech making and foreign and we also let songs on request!

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