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What Should You Choose Registered or Certified Mail

With the immense advancement in technology particularly in IT sector one would think postal service have no use but they are still operating in many countries, actually 25% of the world population still use postal services despite being connected with internet and have access to electronic mails and instant messages but many businesses consider postal services as their main official communication channel. There are some documents that need to be in hard copy to be considered or appear official, some documents such as legal notice, original business contract, and other documents, sending these documents in soft copies such as an email or an instant message questions validity of the documents simply because people have normalized the use of hard copy as a form of confirming the authenticity of such documents. Sending documents using postal service there is two types of mail services that you are likely to face, registered mail or certified mail service, the type of mail service you pick varies in terms of security features, speed of delivery, security, and many other things, therefore, a good understanding of the type of mail service you are selecting is important to guarantee you documents are delivered as you wanted. Read this article and learn more about the difference between registered mail and certified mail, this will help you in selecting the appropriate postal service for sending your mail or documents.

When you select certified mail to send your documents you get a notification about your package delivery informing you when and at what time it was delivered, the details of this information are crucial in case something happen to your package during the delivery process, you can use the notification as a proof you sent your package and at what time. In case the documents or goods you are sending are highly sensitive you can select registered mail, this service provides an extra layer of security to your package by tracking your delivery at every location, this service is a bit costly because of the tracking service provided and you are normally charged based on the weight of the package.

You need to know that your mail or document you are sending using certified mail will be placed together with normal mails that are destined to the same area you are sending your document. Once you choose registered mail service your package you will be sent separately from others to ensure it remains safe and it can be sent as fast as possible and effectively, this is done to ensure the security of your document is maintained as much as possible considering the critical nature of your package as you may have indicated when ordering for the service. Those are some of the main differences between registered and certified mail services and you can easily tell that certified mail is preferred for general packages that are not sensitive to security.
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