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Yahoo Mail Not Working on Google Chrome and Android

Many Yahoo users face trouble signing into their Yahoo Mail account on Google product like Chrome and Android. If you are having an issue accessing your Yahoo Mail account or if you are not able to use certain features in your account, you can try fixing the issue by following the workaround provided in this guide.

Steps to Fix Problems with Yahoo Not Working Properly on Chrome

1. Clear the Cache from your Chrome Browser 2. Make Sure to Update your Web Browser 3. Restart your Computer

If the problem persists even after following above-mentioned measures, consider restarting your computer before trying to again access your Yahoo account on Chrome browser.

4. Make Sure to Enable JavaScript 5. Deactivate Browser Enhancements 6. Temporarily Deactivate Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall Products

In the rare case that you will find any Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall programs will be blocking scripts and features that are important for Yahoo pages. However, if you are having a problem using any Yahoo features, you can try disabling the security programs to check if they are causing the problem.

7. Check if your Yahoo Account Works Properly on Another Computer or Mobile Device

You can try accessing your Yahoo account from another computer or mobile device to know if the problem is with your computer or mobile device. If you are able to access your Yahoo account easily on another device, try addressing the problem on your computer or mobile device.

8. Reset your Chrome Browser to its Default Settings

Steps to Fix Problems with Yahoo Not Working Properly on Android

1. Yahoo Mail App is Freezing, Slow or Crashing 2. Feature Unavailable on your Mobile Device

Some of the features of Yahoo are only available for the desktop version and not for the mobile app versions. Some of these features include:

3. Log in Issues

So, these are some of the measures to fix Yahoo Mail malfunctioning on Google Chrome and Android.

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