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How to Fix Temporary Error Codes in Yahoo?

Temporary Errors Codes are considered to be the most irritating problems in Yahoo by many users. These combinations of alphabets and numbers are the generally the way of computer representing some sort of malfunctioning in your Yahoo account.

Depending on the type of Temporary Error you are getting in your account, you may be prevented from either accessing your accounts or may not be allowed to perform certain actions in your account.

Some of the most common Temporary error codes in Yahoo are:

Although the above-mentioned temporary errors get corrected automatically, however, if the error persists even after waiting for a sufficient amount of time, you can follow the measures provided below to fix Temporary error codes issue.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error Codes

NOTE: Make sure you are using the supported web browser for accessing your Yahoo account before following the steps mentioned below.

Temporary Error 14 Temporary Error 15 Temporary Error 16 Temporary Error 18 Temporary Error 19

When you are seeing Temporary error 19 or Error 999 in your Yahoo account, the problem could be occurring because:

To fix Temporary error 19 or Error 999, follow these steps:

So these are the measures to fix these most common temporary error codes in your Yahoo account.

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